Thursday, 16 March 2017

Internet casino security systems explained

It’s perfectly reasonable for punters to be concerned about the level of security provided by online casinos. At we only recommend casinos that utilise the highest level of player protection and Internet security systems, and we’ll take you through those systems so you have a clearer understanding of just how safe you are when gambling online.

Online casinos to avoid

Remember when Bart Simpson opened up his own casino in his treehouse because he was thrown out of Mr Burns’ casino for being underage? Well, this is a prime example of a dodgy casino, and unless you have money to burn than you need to ensure you are playing at a reputable, trustworthy Internet gaming establishment.
It’s easy for online operators to create an online casino which seems legitimate. The sad truth is there are a lot of sites out there amounting to scams to steal your money; therefore, players need to be aware of the signs they should look out for in order to figure out if an Internet gaming establishment is dodgy.

Safe casino deposit options

When making a deposit at any of the online casinos recommended by players are given plenty of choices. The deposit methods offered at these reputable sites are entirely secure, allowing safe transfers using €\$ and employing state of the art technology to ensure your personal banking details remain protected at all times.
Whether you want to deposit using your credit card, your bank account or keep your financial details offline entirely, our favourite casinos have a choice that will suit your personal preferences.

Is it safe to deposit with Visa at online casinos?

It is 100% safe to make a deposit with Visa, provided it is at a reputable and reliable online casino. Visa is one of the best payment methods to make a deposit with, as it is globally recognised and widely accepted at various Web casinos, and it has its own security measures in place rather than just relying on the casino’s data encryption.

Safe casino sites

One of the biggest concerns for newbies to online gaming is how to determine whether a casino is safe. There are plenty of safe and reputable casinos, but just like anything on the Internet there’s also a number of deviant vendors hoping to scam unsuspecting players out of their hard earned money. At website we only endorse trustworthy casinos that adhere to strict guidelines and have undergone our rigorous testing process but use our guide below if you’d like to know how to identify a safe casino from a rogue operation for yourself.

Safest casino software

Factors like legitimate licensing, eCOGRA approval and SSL security encryption, are things you should take into consideration when deciding if an online casino’s software is safe. The best virtual gambling venues like the ones recommended on all use games from the biggest and best names in gaming software, ensuring not just high quality, state of the art games, but also player security, trustworthy RNGs and flawless gameplay. Less desirable casinos may use software from lesser known or even unheard of developers, providing an instant red flag about the legitimacy of their operation.

What is the eCOGRA Seal of Approval?

Many casino players are apprehensive when it comes to the realm of online games due to their lack of trust in Internet casinos. However, there is one way to easily remove this worry; confirming whether the Internet casino is reviewed by an independent industry watchdog organisation, such as eCOGRA.
In doing so, players can confirm they are playing safely, especially if they are making deposits and withdrawals with real money. We have put together a guide on the background of eCOGRA, why it is so important, and how to figure out what Internet casinos have been stamped by the top leading online gambling testing agency.